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Diamond and Me

I live in Atlanta, GA where I share a home with my dog Diamond.  I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and am a true southern boy at heart.  Growing up in a small suburban town, I was often seen playing with my many cousins on the family farm.  If my cousins and I weren’t riding our ATVs in the woods, we were often spending time at our grandparents’ homes or swimming in our uncle’s pool.  I have my MBA from Mercer University and my PhD from Georgia State University.

I’ve spent much of my professional career conducting sociological research in the realm of gerontology where I studied issues relating to the elderly in assisted living facilities.  I am now employed  at the Shepherd Center, a catastrophic rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta that specializes in traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries, where I now work in clinical research and data analytics.  In addition to my work in research, I have recently began devoting my life to inspiring others by encouraging them to embrace their adversities and use them for positive self-gain in order to improve their lives.

I am a member of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Midtown Atlanta where I began going to church after my many “amputations.”  St. Mark welcomed me with open arms and it definitely feels like coming home for me every time I’m there.  I love St. Mark UMC and am very blessed to have found such a wonderful church home and family.

When I’m not working or attending church, I’m usually spending time in the park with my dog Diamond, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, hanging out at the mall, or just enjoying a quiet, relaxing evening at home watching television with Diamond.

Embracing Adversity

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Why I wrote Amputated Yet Whole: How Adversity Made Me Complete