Limbs for Life Walk

And the walk begins!
Limbs for Life Walk Beginning Church

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For those of you who said you’d like to walk some with me, click on the link to sign up.  That way I’ll know who to be expecting each day and won’t start before everyone is there!


Amputated Yet Whole Fundraising walk for Limbs for Life

November 7 – 17, 2013

I’m in the process of training to walk from Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL to raise money for Limbs for Life, an organization that provides prostheses for those who can’t afford them.  I feel it’s my duty to give back to others because I myself have been so blessed.  Prosthetic care is very expensive, and many people go without these vital elements of mobility and independence because they are unable to afford them.  I was very blessed that I was able to afford prostheses when I needed them, even though I went through some very bad financial crises after losing my job and my savings.  Therefore, I can’t, in good consciousness, let those in need, especially children and veterans, go without something so vital to their lives when I have the ability to do something about it.

The pretty girl with me in the picture above is my fram (cross between family and friend) Angela.  Angela will be walking with me the entire way from Atlanta to Birmingham to provide me with mental, emotional, and spiritual support.  I’m so happy Angela is walking with me and so blessed to have a good fram like her.  I’m so excited to walk with her, and for all those in need of prostheses, this November that I can hardly wait!  I hope you are excited too!  Sorry y’all, but Diamond won’t be walking with me.  Her legs are too short to go very far and I can’t carry her for 120 miles!  Plus, she has to stop and sniff EVERYTHING she comes across!  LOL

Will you please join me in supporting my walk, as well as Limbs for Life?  I would greatly appreciate your monetary gift to the walk and would love it if you would walk with me for a few miles along the way.  I’ll be posting my walking schedule soon (which will consist mainly of the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails, as well as Atlanta and Birmingham city streets) and would love it if you’d join me on my walk from Atlanta to Birmingham to raise money for a good cause!

Here’s the link to “Donate to Limbs for Life Walk.” Please type “Amputated Yet Whole” in the “Gift is in Memory/Honor Of” box so we can keep track of how much money we raise!

Donate to the Amputated Yet Whole walk for Limbs for Life

I’ll be donating a percentage of the proceeds from my book to the Limbs for Life Walk! So when you order a copy of my book, part of the profit will go towards the walk!

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